Our history

NELSON Worldwide AG was founded in 2009 in the form of open joint stock company (Aktiengesellschaft /AG) in the canton Zug of Switzerland in the town, which is symbolical for the whole medical community called “Rotkreuz” (translated from German “Rotes Kreuz” means “Red Cross”).

The name of the Company has initially reflected the geography of its activity, which consists of global business operations around the world (Worldwide).

Form of business organization of the joint stock company was chosen during the foundation of the Company in order to give opportunity for decorous people, who share our corporate Mission, Vision and Values, ​​to join our multinational team and contribute to the development of a common cause.

Since the opening our Company has been engaging in the organization of production and distribution of the most popular and high-quality types of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, an additional distinctive feature of which is high availability for most social groups.

In parallel, since 2011, the Company has successfully been investing in the development of high-quality and innovative dietary supplements portfolio designed to improve the quality of life and to promote preventive measures, which are aimed at reducing the number of common diseases.

Every year the Company successfully expanding geography of its activity, developing the production and import-export operations worldwide, increasing the number of regional and international suppliers, distributors and partners.