Our mission

We firmly believe that every person who has a health problem should have hope and confidence in his future, must always rely on high-quality and affordable means that will result wellbeing, restore health and enhance the quality of his and his dears’ lives.

Unfortunately, despite the global scientific and technological progress and intensive development of modern health care, needs of patients and physicians are still not satisfied both in some areas of medicine and in many geographical regions.

Our corporate Mission embodies the productive activity which aims at continual exploration and the identification of mentioned above needs at the global level, the organization of production of high-quality and easily accessible pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dietary supplements and other means, which are designed to meet relevant needs of patients and physicians, and also aimed at improving people’s health and the quality of life.

The cooperation at global and regional levels is especially important for us. And for the successful implementation of our corporate Mission, we are in constant search for conscientious suppliers and partners, regardless of their remoteness and production capacities, who have the conditions to build mutually beneficial relationships, common development and joint prosperity.

We trust to our partners and suppliers and, taking into consideration ethical values ​​and principles of synergy, we do everything for the successful implementation of our corporate Mission, and for the change in life of society for the best.