Our social responsibility

Business activity of any company in the sphere of production, distribution of medicines, medical equipment and services is originally a high social responsibility.

We are one of these companies and, therefore, our primary responsibility is the amenability to all patients, physicians, health authorities and others, who use our products and services. In accordance with their needs, we always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, to provide high quality standards in all that we do and to focus on maximizing the affordability of all our products and services for all sections of civil society.

Simultaneously, we are responsible to our employees, and colleagues. We appreciate deeply the individual qualities of each person, his talents, achievements, ambitions and attitudes. We appreciate their personal opinion with respect, value all of their suggestions and comments, recognize and reward them adequately for their contribution to the team and the community.

We also see our responsibility to the nature and our environment, so we always strive to organize the most environmentally friendly production and invest in the development and production of natural, ecologically safe medicines.

We also see our responsibility to our partners and suppliers, who we should try to organize the most mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, common development and prosperity for.

Additionally, we have a responsibility to our shareholders, for whom all our activities must be productive, competitive, reliable and worthy of reward for all their nested pecuniary, intellectual and time investments.

We are deeply convinced that the responsible, rational, ethical and innovative approach to the development of our business plays a key role in achieving the strategic goals of the company and the successful implementation of our corporate Mission.