Sterile solution for  I.V. injection / infusion

Ampoules № 10

Each ampoule contains:

Glucose 40% – 4,0 g. / 10,0 ml

Glucose solution is a sterile solution of concentrated glucose.

Glucose (also known as D-glucose, dextrose) is a simple monosaccharide – blood sugar.

Glucose is the primary source of energy for the body’s cells and blood lipids (in the form of fats and oils) are primarily a compact energy store.

The mean normal blood glucose level in humans is about 5.5 mM (5.5 mmol/L or 100 mg/dL, i.e. milligrams/deciliter); however, this level fluctuates throughout the day.

Blood sugar levels outside the normal range may be an indicator of a medical condition. A persistently high level is referred to as hyperglycemia; low levels are referred to as hypoglycemia.

Glucose solution is used to provide energy and to increase the amount of sugar in your blood.